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Privacy policy

Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy, updated November 11 2022


We at Model Maus Car really care about your privacy. Because of that, we only process suchdata as we need to improve our service.We treat the data we have gathered about you and your use of our services with the utmost care. We will never hand over your data to third parties for commercial purposes. This privacy policy applies to the use of our website and all of the services of Model Maus Cars accessibleon it. This policy and the conditions thereof are valid starting June 4, 2018. When a new version of our privacy policy is published, all earlier versions do not apply anymore. This privacy policy describes which data is gathered about you by us, what it is used for, and with whom and under what circumstances this data might possibly be shared with third parties. We will also explain to you in which way we store your data, how we protect your data against unauthorized use, and what rights you have regarding the personal data you have shared with us. If you have any questions about our privacy policy, you can get in touch with our contact person for privacy matters. The address can be found at the bottom of our privacy policy.


In the following paragraphs, you can read in which way we process your data, where we store it, which safeguards we use, and who has access to your data.


On our website, you will find a number of webforms in which we ask you to fill out personal details, such as e.g.: your (company)name, address, e-mail address, web address, and (mobile) phonenumber. We only use this data for the purpose for which you intended us to use it. All our forms use an SSL-encrypted connection with a 256 bit encryption level. Our back-end systems are secured with a strong password and, if possible, two-factor authentication.


When you place an order in our webshop, you will receive a number of e-mail messages concerning the status of your order. We will give our logistic partner (Sendcloud) your e-mail address to keep you updated on the progress of your order.


Our client data is kept in the CRM of our web store software and is used only for administrative purposes.


We do not use any other servers for our e-mail services. All e-mail communication is treated as confidential.


For hosting our website, ModelMaus Cars use the services of “De Hosting Leverancier”. This is a reliable service provider, located in The Netherlands. All the data you share with us by using our website is (whether temporarily or not) stored in the servers of De Hosting Leverancier. De Hosting Leverancier has taken several security measures and, based on the agreement between both the processor and Model Maus Cars, the provider, its employees, and any other helpers have been explicitly forbidden to access or share data with third parties, unless they are bound to do so by applicable law and regulation. The processor of your datawill make back-ups of the stored data on a regular basis. To these back-ups, the same rules and regulations apply as to the original data. Joomla: Our webstore was developed using software supplied by Joomla. The personal data which you have supplied us with for the use of our services are shared with this party. Joomla has access to your data in order to be able to give us technical support. They will never use your data for any other purposes. Bases on the agreement we have with them, Joomla is obliged to take appropriate security measures. Joomla uses cookies to gather technical data concerning your use of their software. No personal data will be gathered and/or stored by them.



We only use the data you have shared with us for our services. This means that the purpose of processing your data is always directly connected to your order. We will not use your data for (targeted) marketing. If you share your data with us, and we use it to contact you at a later date (other than at your request), we will ask your permission to do so explicitly. Your data will be shared with the following third parties

WebwinkelKeur: We collect reviews from the WebWinkelKeur platform. If you leave a review at WebWinkelKeur, they will ask you for an e-mail address. WebWinkelKeur shares this data with us, so that we can link the review to your order. WebWinkelKeur will also publish your name on their own website. Sometimes, WebWinkelKeur will contact you and ask you to further elaborate on your review. If we ask you to leave a review, we will share your name and e-mail address with WebWinkelKeur. They will use this data with no other purpose than to invite you to write a review on their website. WebWinkelKeur have taken appropriate technical and organisational measures to make sure your personal data are protected. WebWinkelKeur reserve the right to hire third parties on behalf of their services, we have given WebWinkelKeur permission to do so. All of the above mentioned securities concerning your personal data are also applicable to the parts of the service for which WebWinkelKeur uses third parties.

SendCloud: If you place an order with is, it is our job to make sure that your parcel is properly delivered to you. We us the services of Sendcloud to take care of these deliveries. To do so, it is necessary that we share your name, address, and place of residence with SendCloud. SendCloud will only use this data in order to fulfil its contractual obligation. SendCloud also uses the services of PostNL,DHL, USP, DPD, Same Day Delivery, and Van Straaten Post to make the deliveries. When SendCloud uses subcontractors, your data will also be shared with these parties. All of the above mentioned securities concerning your personal data are also applicable to the parts of the service for which WebWinkelKeur uses third parties.

Rabo Smart Pay: for the purpose of processing (a part of) the payments done in our webstore, we use the Rabo Smart Pay platform. Rabo Smart Pay will process your name, address , place of residence, and payment data such as your bank account or credit card number. Rabo Smart Pay has taken appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect your personal data. Rabo Smart Pay reserves the rightto use your data to further improve its services and to share (depersonalised) information with third parties in order to do so. All of the above mentioned securities concerning your personal data are also applicable to the parts of the service for the parts of Rabo Smart Pay service for which they use third parties. Rabo Smart Pay will not store your personal data longer than is allowed by applicable law and regulations.

AMN Drunen: In order to keep proper records and accounts we use the services of AMN Drunen. We will share your name, address, place of residence, and details of your order with them. This information will be used for the administration of your invoice. Your personal data will be sent and stored securely. AMN Drunen has taken the necessary technical and organisational measures to protect your data against loss and unauthorised use. AMN Drunen is legally bound to confidentiality, and will treat your data as such. AMN Drunen will not use your personal data for any other purpose than the one described above.


All data which is gathered automatically by our website will be processed with the sole purpose of further improving our services. This data (e.g. your IP-address, web browser and operating system) are not personal data.


In some cases, because of legal obligations, Model Maus Cars may be forced to share your data with the government in connection with fiscal or legal procedures. In such cases we are forced to share your data, but we will fight requests such as these to such an extent as the law allows us to.


We will store your personal data as long as you are a customer with us. This means that we will save your customer profile until you notify us that you no longer wish to make use of our services. Once you inform us about this, we will also consider it a request to remove your data. Based on applicable administrative obligations we need to save invoices with personal data. We will save these until the applicable term expires. Employees, however, do no longer have access to your customer profile and the documents we created after you have placed your order with us.


Based on the applicable Dutch and European legislation, as a client you have certain rights pertaining to the personal data that are being processed by us on your behalf. In the next part, we will explain what these rights are and how you can invoke them. In order to avoid misuse we, in general, only send transcripts and copies of your data to your email address as known to us. In case you would like to receive your data at a different email address or by post, we will ask you to identify yourself. We keep an administration of completed requests. If we receive a request to be removed from that administration, we will file depersonaliseddata. You will receive all transcripts and copies in the machine-readable format that we use within our systems. At all times you have the right to file a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority in case you suspect we wrongfully use your personal data.


You always have the right to inspect the datathat we process or have others process for us,related to your person or traceable to you. You can file a request to this effect using the contact address for our privacy contact person. You will receive a response within 30 days. If your request is granted, we will send a copy of all your data and an overview of all the third parties that processed them to the email address known to us, with reference to the category under which we have saved them.


You always have the right to rectify inaccurate data that we process or have others process for us, if it isrelated to your person or traceable to you. You can file a request to this effect using the contact address for our privacy contact person. You will receive a response within 30 days. Once your request is granted, we will send confirmation to the email address known to us that your data has been rectified.


You always have the right to restrict the processing of data, by us or by others for us, related to your person or traceable to you. You can file a request to this effect using the contact data for our privacy contact person. You will receive a response within 30 days. Once your request is granted, we will send confirmation to the email address known to us that your data will no longer be processed, until you cancel the restriction.


You always have the right to have another party process the data related to your person or traceable to you.You can file a request to this effect using the contact data for our privacy contact person. You will receive a response within 30 days. Once your request is granted, we will send a copy of all your data we, other parties on our behalf, or other third parties, have processed to the email address known to us. In all likelihood, in a situation like this Model Maus Cars can no longer continue the service afterwards, as secure linking of the data can no longer be guaranteed


In some situations you have the right to object to the way in which Model Maus Cars processes your personal data, or allows third parties to process your data. Once you object, we will put the processing of your data on hold immediately, awaiting the handling of your objection. If your objection is well-founded, we will provide you with all the transcripts and copies of the data that we or third parties have processed and will cease all further processing. Furthermore, you have the right not to be subjected to profiling or automated individual decision-making. Model Maus Cars, however, does not process your data in such a way that this right applies. However, if you find that we do and the right does apply, please contact us using the contact data for our privacy contact person.



Cookies are placed on our website by the American company Google, as part of their “Analytics” service. We use this service to analyse and generate statistical information about the use of our website. Google may supply this data to third parties when obliged to do so based on applicable law and jurisdiction. We did not give Google permission to use the analytics information gathered by them for any other Google services. Facebook (Social Media cookie): Using this button enables visitors of our website to “like” our Facebook page. This button works by way of a code provided by Facebook.


We reserve the right to change our privacy policy at all times. On this page, you will always find the most recent version of our privacy policy. In such cases as in which our new privacy policy effects the way in which we process previously collected data, we will notify you by email.


Maus Model Cars
Postaddress: Aldenheerd 20, 6003 NW Weert, The Netherlands
Phone number: 0031 6 428 299 90
E-mail: maus@mausmodelcars.nl
Contact: MausVoesenek Phone number: 0031 6 428 299 90

Maus Model Cars, passie voor de modelauto

Een passie voor modelauto’s en echte auto’s was de belangrijkste drijfveer voor de oprichting van online modelautowinkel Maus Model Cars. En deze passie is de afgelopen jaren alleen maar toegenomen! Als liefhebber van oldtimers en Amerikaanse auto’s ligt in het assortiment hierop de nadruk. Amerikaanse auto's uit de jaren 50 tot heden, met de Ford Mustang in het bijzonder. Oldtimers in het algemeen bij voorkeur uit de jaren 60, 70 en 80 met als uitschieter de Citroën 2CV. Iedere modelauto wordt kritisch geïnspecteerd, voordat deze wordt aangeboden via de webwinkel. Na aankoop versturen we uw bestelling veilig en snel, normaal gesproken de eerstvolgende werkdag.

Wat is een modelauto?

Een modelauto is een verkleinde weergave van een - al dan niet meer - bestaande auto in de breedste zin van het woord. Denk daarbij aan personenauto’s, bestelauto’s, vrachtwagens, bussen en racewagens. Dit kunnen hedendaagse auto’s zijn, maar ook auto’s die vroeger het straatbeeld of circuit bepaalden. Auto’s die voor films en/of tv-series zijn gebruikt, waardoor ze een filmauto - ofwel movie car - worden genoemd. En laten we de studiemodellen - ofwel concept cars - niet vergeten. Dat zijn auto’s die door fabrikanten zijn ontwikkeld om als basis te dienen voor de uiteindelijke productieversie.

Materiaal van modelauto’s

Een modelauto kan worden gemaakt van hout/blik of gegoten van een metaallegering, bijvoorbeeld zamak/zamac, plastic of resin/hars. Afhankelijk van het detailniveau zijn bij een metaal gegoten modelauto - ofwel diecast - de losse onderdelen zoals interieur, ramen en wielen van kunststof gemaakt, hoewel de banden bij sommige modellen ook van rubber kunnen zijn. Overigens geldt dit ook voor een resin gegoten schaalmodelauto.

Weergave op schaal bij modelauto’s

Modelauto‘s worden vaak ingedeeld op schaal; de mate waarin de verkleining ten opzichte van het echte exemplaar heeft plaatsgevonden. Hieronder een overzicht van de meest gangbare schalen met daarbij een indicatie van de lengte in centimeters van een personenauto als miniatuur auto. Dit is afhankelijk van de afmetingen van de auto in het echt en hoe accuraat de modelautofabrikant de schaalverdeling heeft toegepast.

  • 1:12. Voornamelijk gebruikt voor grote bouwpakketten en in mindere mate voor diecast of resin modelauto’s. Indicatieve lengte: 35-45 cm.
  • 1:18. Dit zijn relatief grote modellen met veel ruimte voor detail (afhankelijk van de modelautofabrikant) en is sinds eind jaren 80 de populaire schaal voor een grote modelauto. Indicatieve lengte: 22-27 cm.
  • 1:24. De klassieke grote schaal, die door de opkomst van 1:18 wat naar de achtergrond is verschoven. In modelbouw - plastic kits - is deze schaal in combinatie met 1:25 zeer populair. Indicatieve lengte: 16-20 cm.
  • 1:43. Ongeveer het formaat van de vroegere Dinky-Toys, later gestandaardiseerd tot 1:43 bij andere modelautofabrikanten. Indicatieve lengte: 9-11 cm.
  • 1:64. maakt onderdeel uit van de verzamelnaam 3-inch - schalen 1:55, 1:64, 1:72 en alles wat daartussen zit - van modelautofabrikanten zoals Matchbox, Hot Wheels, Greenlight, Auto World en M2 Machines. Vroeger het domein van speelgoedautootjes, tegenwoordig is met name schaal 1:64 een standaard voor een kleine modelauto met een steeds hoger detail- en afwerkingsniveau en een groeiende groep modelautoverzamelaars.  Indicatieve lengte: 6-8 cm.
  • 1:87 (H0). Deze schaal, en 1:120 (TT), 1:160 (N) en 1:220 (Z), wordt vaak verzameld in combinatie met modeltreinen in dezelfde schaal. Indicatieve lengte: 4-5 cm.

Modelauto kopen

Bij Maus Model Cars kunt u een modelauto kopen van onder andere de volgende modelautofabrikanten: ACME Diecast, Auto World, GMP, Greenlight, GT Spirit, Johnny Lightning, M2 Machines, Maisto, Motormax, Norev en Welly.

Bent u ook een enthousiaste verzamelaar van modelauto’s en wilt u graag een modelauto kopen? Of bent u gewoon op zoek naar een origineel cadeau om iemand te geven? Kijk dan eens verder in onze online modelautowinkel, misschien staat het model waar u naar zoekt er wel bij! Heeft u vragen? Neem dan gerust contact op via het contactformulier. Maus Model Cars, voor verzamelaar door verzamelaar!